Dr. Tonya Hyde founded Completely- You on April 22, 2017. Her vision for supporting others as life coach crystallized when Tonya contemplated the separate labels used to describe her. She discovered that neither wife, mother, sister, friend, educator, nor life coach alone defines the complete essence of her total being. Tonya stepped into the realization that she truly is one, very unique individual with the capacity to be whom she chooses. She fully recognizes that loving herself is the reward earned from fully experiencing life along with the choices she has made and will make.

Tonya credits this epiphany to her personal experiences with coaching and being coached. This primed her purpose to support others in recognizing, loving, and developing who they are based on their own personal and professional abilities and goals.

Dr. Hyde received her certification as an Institute of Professional Ethics in Coaching and Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index Certifications in 2015. This program provided more than 200 hours in coaching instruction and application. As founding life coach of Completely-You, Dr. Hyde's mission is to support clients in recognizing their "capable" being by examining the capacity that lies within their personal and professional wheelhouse. IPEC strategies will be utilized to increase the potential of achieving expected outcomes.

You have come this far. Now, it's time to introduce the present and potential you to the purpose that lies within you.


To engage clients in the opportunity to reflect on their internal qualities and grow them into positive outcomes.


Supporting individuals to accept who they are, determine how they want to grow, and recognize their completeness throughout the process.


Today, I Complete Me.